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Бойлы донные Nash 4G Squid 15 мм. 1 кг


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Артикул: N4GS-15/1
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N4GS-15/1 Nash 4G Squid 15 мм. 1 кг.

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All the pulling power of Scopex Squid but with the addition of 4G Squid Salt Dust - a rock salt compound exclusive to Nashbait and fortified with vitamins, minerals and taste enhancers – the effect this addition has to an already world beating bait is evident as soon as you taste and smell it. Richer, more potent and bringing a more aggressive feeding response than ever before, 4G Squid is completed with genuine Haith’s Robin Red to combine all the very best characteristics of the squid mix success story.

4G Squid Frozen Boilies are available in 10, 15 and 20 mm in 1kg as well as 5kg and 20kg bulk packs, a full frozen and shelf-life range completed with the innovative 4G Squid Flake.

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