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Бойлы донные Solar Bojli Red Hering 15 мм. 1 кг


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Артикул: SBRH-15/1
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SBRH-15/1 Solar Bojli Red Hering 15 мм. 1 кг.

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A careful blend of the finest, LT, pre-digested fishmeals coupled with enhancers, amino compounds and Mixmaster Smoked Salmon concentrate. The result is a smooth-textured bait that packs a real punch for both instant attraction and long-term success, which is the first choice for some of the World’s best carp anglers when targeting some of the World’s toughest waters and biggest carp. Originally developed in the mid 1990s, Red Herring’s success and effectiveness has proved the test of time… at least twice over.

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