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Маркерный шнур Prologic PL Marker Braid 200 м. 0.19 мм. 20 lb


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Артикул: P-PLMB/19/20
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P-PLMB/19/20 Prologic PL Marker Braid 0.19 мм. 20 lb. 200 м.

Описание и Характеристики

High visibility braided line specially designed for marker floats and sounder leads. Thin and strong, the surface have a special high-flow treatment to help reaching the maximum distance. 200 meter spool with color marks to immediately recognize the casting distance and the water depth when using a marker float.

We have used a new system extremely easy to understand and to “read” the line. From 0 m. to 100 m. the braid is marked with 50 cm. sections in green and yellow. From 100 m. to 200 m. the braid is marked with 50cm sections in red and yellow. Every 10 meters are marked with a short section in black that gives right away the indication of the distance.

High flow surface for maximum distance.

No memory No stretch.

50cm colored sections.

Distinctive marks every 10 meters.

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